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About Us
C.Pay is a fintech company focusing on overseas markets. Our product is mainly based on blockchain and Defi, combined with the traditional Internet, fund, and other business models. We are committed to building a financial service platform integrating payment, investment, cross-border settlement and other related functions. We are a team of young, passionate and happy people. We love blockchain and we hope to create a better world with it.

Connect crypto world to your daily life.
To be the payment system that connects merchants and users.
Asset value circulates freely as it should be.
Special Thanks to
SaBi Groups is a technology service delivery company in Africa that provide capacity development, product and service offerings.
Cobo is a leading producer of hardware and software blockchain products that make it easy for anyone to own and use cryptocurrencies.
More Functions
We keep adding new functions to our wallet, endeavor to provide diverse experiences around crypto payment for users. We are currently preparing to launch Crypto Subscriptions and NFT functions, and more functions will be released to make C.Pay a mighty wallet.
More Regions
We will unlock each country one by one, accurate to specific cities and regions, and push local stores and online shops that are available for local users. so that more people can join the crypto payment in a convenient way. We aim to cover the globe in 5 years.
More Merchants
We hope to encourage more merchants to join C.Pay and provide users with various payment scenarios. Merchants are not only stores and companies but also taxi drivers, hawkers, charities and schools. Anyone who develops crypto collection can join us.
More Benefits
We will provide users with a variety of benefits. For example, payment discounts, coupons for specific merchants, these allow users to trust and enjoy our services. We will also launch more low-risk crypto financial investment programs, to help users' assets increase steadily.
Company Established
Season VI, 2022
App Launched
- C.Pay 1.0 launched to AppStore and Google Play
- C2C function launched
- C.Pay 2.0 launched, UI & UX design improved

- Credit card buy coins function launched
- Achieved 3,000 registration

First Achievement
- More functions will release soon, please behold
What's Next?
- Product design completed
- App development stage began

Season I, 2022
Season II, 2022
Season III, 2022
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