Before your trading start, please make sure you have registered and set your transaction PIN.

Step 1:

Go to the Asset tab, where you can see your Balance. Please make sure you have sufficient Balance for your trade.

Step 2:

Press the C2C button, and you will go to the C2C page. There you can see the Buy and Sell advertisements from all the traders. Buy means you want to purchase cryptocurrency, and you can see traders' advertisements for sale. Sell means you want to sell cryptocurrency, and you can see traders' advertisements for wanted.

On the C2C page, buying and selling Ads can be browsed by four filters simultaneously. ①Fiat currency filter is at the upper right drop-down menu, we currently support USD, EUR, and GBP. ②Cryptocurrency filter is a must, we currently support USDT/BNB/ETH/BTC. ③Payment method can be filtered by Bank Card/PayPal/Cash/Other, and you can also set your own limit by fiat currency ④Transaction Amount.

Each advertisement includes the buying/selling unit price, cryptocurrency quantity, payment method(s), and limitation of the cryptocurrency quantity buying/selling.

Step 3:

Let's say you are a C.Pay user, and you want to buy some USDT coins. When you find a suitable trader's Ad, click the «Buy» button, and go to the order details page. Here you can decide how you purchase the coins, by fiat currency amount or by cryptocurrency quantity. Enter your target amount/quantity, and click «Buy USDT» button.

When the order is created, you can see the order's details. Please notice that you need to complete the payment selection within the time limit. Please make a payment according to the trader's collecting method. When the trader provides multiple collecting methods, you can select your preferred method to make the payment.

Ensure the order information is correct, and click the «Pay» button. Here you can choose your payment method from your Fund Account. You can add new payment information to your Fund Account. Please notice that the trader will use your payment information to confirm this payment, so please make sure it is true and correct.

When your payment method is confirmed, click «Payment completed, notify the trader» button. The page shows «Waiting for the trader to confirm release coins«. At this moment, the cryptocurrency you purchased has transferred from the trader's account into C. Pay's account to ensure your trade safety. When the trader confirms your payment, C.Pay will transfer the trading cryptocurrency to you, and the trade will be complete.

Cancel your order:

After your order is created, you can cancel your order any time before the trade is complete. Please notice that you only have 5 chances to cancel your order every day. If you used up all of your daily opportunities to cancel orders, you could not make any transaction on that day. If your transaction is canceled due to order expiration, it also takes a chance of canceling orders from you.

Encounter a problem:

When a problem occurs, we suggest you contact the trader to solve it. You can find the trader's contact details by clicking the upper right button on your order. If you both cannot solve the problem, please click «Encounter a problem» and contact our customer service team.

Browse your order history:

You can check the second button on the upper right to browse your order history. Here you can also view your orders by filters and check any previous order's details.

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