Collect – Accept crypto payments globally, withdraw at any time

Trade – Trade between fiat and crypto currencies with other users

Invest – Join C.Pay investment projects to earn additional incomes

Why C.Pay?

- Combined hot + cold wallet to ensure your asset safety.
- Carefully select stable coins and mainstream coins to keep your asset value.
- Instant withdrawals are supported to avoid any disturbance by the market.
Strict Risk Control
- Get millions of potential customers in global cryptocurrency ecosystem
- Cover a specific country, city, or neighbourhood marketing accurately in C.Pay
- Put a C.Pay QR code in your offline store to collect cryptocurrency.
Global Market
- Payment from most of the crypto wallets supported
- Payment in different types of coins supported
- API suits multiple platforms and business scenarios
High Adaptability
- Various investment plans to meet different needs
- Anytime deposit and withdrawal supported
- Increase the value of your assets steadily
Value Adding
How To Manage Your Business Account?
Z2U is an online digital entertainment merchant that accepts encrypted payments. C.Pay provides digital currency payment technical support for Z2U users.
Success Story
Your Trusted Crypto Wallet
Here to trade your coins at the best rate, gaming or other daily scenarios. Join C.Pay today to discover exclusive deals and welfare!
| In C.Pay
  • Store, Swap, Trade, Transfer
    Bitcoin & Mainstream Altcoins
    Whether you are a trader, merchant, developer, or crypto enthusiast, C.Pay provides you with a different playground in the blockchain industry. Instead of following the trend to enter the metaverse like everyone else, we would rather connect blockchain technology to our daily lives.
  • Hot + Cold Wallet
    Ensure Your Asset Safety
    We take security as the cornerstone of our service. C.Pay provides users with industry-leading stability and security of their assets. Our team members have rich experience in crypto wallet construction in well-known crypto exchanges and are experts in electronic financial security.
  • Cryptocurrency Investment
    Grow Your Asset, Flexible Access, 0 Risk
    You can invest cryptocurrency assets in our subscription programs on C.Pay. This is a zero-risk program, and your investments can be withdrawn at any time. Join us now to grow your assets in any spare time.
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